Events—these are rare moments wherein people come together to gather, celebrate, and share one moment with a group of people or a community with shared passion. It is undeniable, that us humans, need to have a sense of belongingness in this world. For some introverts, it may cause them to scratch their heads and ask “Why do people join these orgs and groups? What do they get out of it?” The answer is simple.

gadget graffiti 1Joining these groups, communities, organizations where people get affiliated with each other—it gives its members a sense of belongingness and connection with other people. It is an opportunity wherein a person is able to converse with other people about a passion or hobby they both share and in the process, they may even exchange information and knowledge, teach each other a thing or two, and help each other branch out to other people—spreading out the shared feeling and knowledge to those who know it very well.

That is why when it comes to sports, it is better to work with a team wherein you can easily obtain a pep talk from a team member when you need one. And as a team, the need for a single identity, one symbol that marks your team’s unity is very important to solidly cement your team’s camaraderie. It could be represented in a lot of ways such as a logo wherein you can duplicate it in banners, shirts, wristlets, IDs and even stickers on your car.

These symbols or logos will help people identify you as a member of a team.  So when the opportunity came out wherein we were able to create one for East Cary Middle School’s Step Team, which is their dance team—we just had to grab it and make the most out of it. There was a lot of pressure, given that we all had the same busy schedules: them as students constantly working on their routines and us constantly working on our business for it to continue to be bigger and better for our valued customers, but we knew that we could make it and we surely did not want to disappoint anyone.

gadget graffiti 2Who would have thought that we would be able to crunch our time, work hand in hand with our team here in Gadget Graffiti to work on the shirt design, screenprint it, paint it on the shirts, create a banner so they would have something to wave during the parade, the constant reediting, print it as well and finally, the outcome—all WITHIN 24 HOURS. We could not be more proud of ourselves and the effort of our team to make this possible and we must say all the hard work paid off when we saw how happy East Cary Middle School’s Step Team was when they saw the final output.

So we watched them, as they all paraded down the street with the East Cary High School carrying the banner we designed and the shirts that we worked on specifically for them and seeing it all makes the hard work just worth it.