Our Story

Graffiti comes from the Italian word graffere, which means ‘to scratch on a surface.’  It is a form of self-expression.  Graffiti is the way we convey a message, express a feeling and is a way for the artist to stand out from the crowd.

Gadget Graffiti was created under the same principles.  We help our customers express themselves and stand out from the crowd.  We are not a traditional agency in the sense that we help brands stand out through the use of visual creativity and color.

Gadget Graffiti is an African American family owned firm in Cary, NC that is dedicated to helping business small and big build their brand visually and reach their target market using graphic design, digital marketing and social media, search engine optimization and marketing.  We also provide sales and marketing coaching for those interested working directly to help grow their business.

Although we couldn’t represent all team members on this page.  We’re proud and thankful for the contributions that each team member makes towards our success